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Spike Trap

15.03.2018 00:18


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SaNiOk228 16.05.2019 13:57
ну ладно
Kotsuko 31.01.2019 00:57
This is cruel xDDDD poor child
Wolfvampir 10.12.2018 22:40
KyleAnderson 31.10.2018 23:12
Ohohohoh! I remember that sweet game. About crushing ppl.
PiperTheArtsyFox 17.08.2018 03:44
oh dang o-o
Kyle_Anderson 17.07.2018 13:37
Dude, i love this game
TYSONFISH81 24.03.2018 23:35
XxGalaxyfoxXx 20.03.2018 05:03
OH GOD DOES THAT TINY MAN NEED.....i wonder if he is comfortable in that trap...ill try tha-ooh....never mind 0v0
LaunchB 16.03.2018 08:06
Lol, I love this. Reminds me of games like "I wanna be the guy", "I wanna be the boshy", and "Super Meat Boy". Really enjoy those games. Love the impact, googly eye jiggle effect, and blood splatter. Very creative way to give texture with very little noise too. Great Job!
zefuro 15.03.2018 23:41