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18.01.2021 20:31
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If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain.

I was very upset when I went to Toonator after January 12 and saw a message about the end of support for the flash instead of the brand new editor that we were promised. Well, I took the initiative into my own hands (and I'm not alone, there is M-Edit, too!) and made my own editor in HTML5 as a Chrome extension. I want to say right away that this is a rather buggy version: no colours, some troubles with copying frames, etc. But, I hope, thanks to your testing (I apologize in advance for the spoiled nerves), we will polish the editor to the smallest detail, and I can start implementing custom functions!

Okay, here is the download link:



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_Pomposha_ 23.06.2022 02:10
tim, жалко... :'(
_Pomposha_ 23.06.2022 02:10
tim, ну вот...
_Pomposha_ 22.06.2022 23:10
tim, почему? =(((
tim 22.06.2022 20:34
_Pomposha_, роскомнадзор заблокировал, заходи с зеркала https://rkn.toonio.ru
_Pomposha_ 22.06.2022 19:05
tim, what,s matter with toonio? =(
tim 21.06.2022 17:47
kakaiii, have you installed the extension?
kakaiii 21.06.2022 10:35
it doesn't work for me anyway, both with aboute flash player and with html5, please help =(
_Pomposha_ 06.04.2022 00:18
tim, wow!
thank you!
whattodo 13.09.2021 21:50
omg TY
tim 14.08.2021 18:48
Check out the demo my new cartoon editor, Toonio! (not related with Toonator)